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~Blank Stares - Lyric~

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Published: 18 April 2019

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I found this song very beautiful and the opening where his mother is calling to say Happy Birthday but forgets is heartbreaking but...sadly accurate for Dementia/Alz. My grandfather has been going through a lot when it comes to his Alz and past few months has been time traveling. My Mama told me one visit in a span of 30 minutes he was in college, graduated, joined the army, was out of the army, working at the bank, retiring, etc.
It is never an easy thing to hear your loved one going through or to witness for yourself them slipping away and not remembering who you or their loved ones are. I hope one day in the future no one has to go through it as loved ones witnessing it or the one having dementia/alz.

Video of the artist Jay Allen with is mother singing this song. If you purchase the song it goes to Alz research.

Apologies I couldn't find the background I used here on youtube as I had used in the past. I did find a link that shared the same ink footage I used though! Based on their description it does appear they were the ones who shot it as well.
Jacob + Katie Schwarz

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